May 2017


The film will be shot in the Chicago area, and possibly in other areas of the state. The production is targeted for late Spring 2019. We will be finalizing the budget, attaching principal actors, and we will be bringing location people on board soon. We are conducting a special search for an unknown male Hispanic comedic actor for a breakout lead role. Contact us for details. Auditions for smaller speaking roles and atmosphere cast will take place this summer. The budget for this film will come from private sources and will not be disclosed to the general public. This will be a non-union shoot. All contracts will be negotiated individually.

We now have a web domain for the film and a temporary page has been uploaded. We will increase information on the site as the project progresses. Please forward the domain to your network, friends and family to sign up for the mailing list.


The screenplay is complete. This project is highly original and very marketable! It will require a close collaboration with the hip hop community. The script, minus lyrics and music, is complete. This project will be in Development while Candle Love is in Production and Post, and we will likely seek studio involvement and distribution. This is going to be hot!