Owner, Producer-Screenwriter Drew Turner is
a true renaissance man. While in college, he acted in plays and danced on stage in numerous large scale productions, such as West Side Story, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Guys and Dolls. Drew received formal acting training through courses offered by his college's Theater Department. During his fifteen years in corporate America and the past five years running his own business, Drew wrote songs/music, poems and eventually screenplays. All of his life, Producer Drew has been a movie lover. One of his favorite sayings is "I've never met anyone who's seen more films than I have." Consistent with his first love for entertainment, in March 2006, Drew founded Aesop Pictures, a feature film production company located in Chicago, Illinois.

Drew founded Aesop Pictures to develop stories that entertain people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and has a special place in his heart for African American stories. Aesop Pictures' primary goal is to make great films, with great stories, and uses the tag line "Life is a fable", which plays on the notion that the purpose of life is to learn some ultimate, unknown, lesson or moral. Aesop himself was a Greek slave and is thought by some historians to have been black. Aesop Pictures uses the Greek iconic symbol of the Parthenon as its logo and the name of one of the greatest storytellers of all time, Aesop, in its name. Aesop Pictures develops and produces films for all audiences, in the following genres: comedy, horror, drama, action, science fiction, historical, musical and adventure. 

Through his corporate and business experiences, Drew honed the skills required of a truly effective producer, such as: timing management, planning, budgeting, legal understanding (contracts, copyrights, unions), technical skills, people management, organizational skills, etc. In addition, his experience on stage and in theater helps him with casting decisions and working with actors. His current task is to master the film business (processes, roles, technology, distribution, profit). To do this, Drew jumped right into making movies.

In early 2007, Drew produced "The Birthday Card", a dark comedy about two con artists working their way around an office, conning money out of employees on behalf of a fake birthday card. During production of The Birthday Card, Drew acted as producer, executive producer, sound mixer and the post music supervisor. Drew also handled all legal documents for The Birthday Card, including actor agreements, shooting location agreements, crew agreements and music licenses. In addition, Drew has managed the festival marketing and submission process.

In 2008, Drew founded the Chicago Film Producers Alliance (CFPA), a group of sixty independent producers who have individually completed between one to twenty-three films.

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